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Heritage is a tradition, inheritance, property a practice or set of values that is passed down from preceding generation through families or inherited through institutional memory.

When it comes to heritage, I believe Ghanaians should be more proud because there is a lot we can boast of.

Heritage of Ghana right away from the time of migration to date has been our culture, artefact, craft and after the independence of Ghana; National Symbols.

Culture is the intellectual, practice, moral and dynamisms of a group of people in a given society over a period of time at a given place. Ghana being a given place from our ancestors with ten administrative regions and five major ethnic groups, we are still proud to say we have rich Ghanaian Festivals, Food, Chieftaincy, Puberty, Language, Dances, Pouring of Libation, Drums, Funeral Ceremonies, Birth rites, Naming ceremonies, and Marriage rites as our unique Culture and Customs.

Inherited national symbols are our National Anthem, Pledge, Flag, Coat of Arms among others that aids to identify us a one people with a common destiny from a blessed land like Ghana. The Ghanaian national symbols tell about the country’s history besides its rich tradition and culture. 

Remembering the independence of Ghana 6th March every year since 1957, has made it possible for the management of Gruope Nduom to declare the whole of March as on Heritage Month.

How well does the current generation of Ghana exhibit their patriotism, love, loyalty and dogma for Ghana our motherland?  Is it through daylight robbery, the corruption canker, growth of false pastors, public display of fetish activities, emergence of homosexuality, indecent exposure, manslaughter, murder, nudity, improper dressing, and abuse of social media to mention but few?

If we really understood the 5th to 8th line of the 2ND Stanza of our National Anthem, we won’t be engulfed in such anti-country acts.   

‘‘With our gifts of mind and strength of arm,
Whether night or day, in the midst of storm,
In every need whate'er the call may be,
To serve thee, Ghana, now and evermore.’’


We have a generation that has no respect for the elderly and authority, some uniform men and women have no integrity so they openly take bribe, reciting the National Pledge and singing of the National Anthem is seen as platitude, speaking of native language is perceived barbaric, circulation of falsehood about high profile personalities is the norm of the day, vulgarity is the new order, stealing from national pulse is a normal routine.

Are these the heritage we inherited from our ancestors who led us to this promise land or the forbearers who toiled to birth way for independence? Your answer is certainly NO.

Our month of heritage which is March should aid us to reflect on our actions, inactions and persona to take the right decisions as citizenry. Let’s embrace our rich culture, traditions and practices so it affects our doings positively.

Our dressing this month if nothing at all , should depict Ghanaian or African and try to prepare more Ghanaian dishes.  

Let’s raise high the flag of Ghana and one with Africa advance.


Long Live Our Rich Heritage

God bless our homeland Ghana.


Reginald P. Robertson (Campus TV)

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