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On the 23rd of March, Friday night, it is alleged that armed robbers stormed the lecture blocks with guns and robbed the students off their valuable gadgets.

The reports alleged that the armed robbers made away with a number of smart phones and laptops belonging to the students. As at the time of filing this story, there were no reports of casualties because the terrified students complied with the instructions of the gun-wielding robbers and submitted their valuables although a number of the students sustained minor injuries as they successfully fled from the chaotic scene.

Almost 48 hours after the alleged armed robbery the school authorities are yet to issue a statement to address the developing situation. Students of the University have continually expressed worry over the security mechanism of the school as students are gradually becoming victims of robbery.

Attempts to locate some of the victims have proved futile although a number of students who claim to have witnessed the robbery from the adjoining lecture theatres confirm that the robbers stormed the class units with guns. Students are however advised to take precautions in their movements on campus, especially during the nights.


Relationships on campus are about finding the right person who makes your time on campus worthwhile. It is not all rosy but it shouldn’t take a toll on you either.  As much as possible, try to avoid these types of women:

The Control Freaks

It is one thing if she is talking you into going to the library, doing your dishes and other stuff around. However, when she is trying to control everything around you, you should try as much as possible to avoid her. University days are supposed to be the moment you become independent, enjoy some freedom and reflect on life and the future. If that aspect is also going to be fully controlled by a woman, then there is no point in it.

The Designer Freak

The kind of girl who looks for the designer on everything she sees is a potential recipe for disaster in your bank account. On the average, university guys do not have that much to spend on designer clothes, bags and shoes for girls. However, if you believe that you have enough to spend, you may go ahead.

 Overly In-secured One

Insecurity is in two folds here; one who relies on compliments to maintain a self esteem and another who thinks everything is about her. As friends, you may realise that she is all about compliments and goes the extra mile to get it from others. Her lady figure is her only source of security and way through tough times. If that be the case, she is not the type to date on campus. Campus is where everything happens and chances are that she is going to go the extra mile to get what she really wants (compliments) from another person.

The Blind to the Good 

Some women turn blind eyes to the good in people. They only talk when when it is about criticizing their man. For a growing person on campus, that is not what you need. You need a balance of compliments when you do the right thing and criticisms when you are wrong. You’ll never feel appreciated under the constant cloud of criticism.

The Selfish Type

She has ambitions, which is a good thing. However, when she starts pulling you along with total disregard for your ambitions and plans, there is no future for you two. It is not going to be the last time she is going to disregard your interest. As such, for your own good, don’t go for her.


By: Antoinette Kwao

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Dr. Mavis Asare, a Clinical Health Psychologist in the Psychology department at the Methodist University College, Ghana, was awarded the British Council Alumni Award (Professional Achievement Category).

As part of the award package, the recipients were granted an audience with the Queen of England. This award scheme follows alumni of British universities to reward those who are putting their skills to productive use.

Dr Mavis Asare is an alumna of Loughborough University London and the winner of the Professional Achievement Award.

Dr Mavis Asare collaborated with health agencies including Ghana AIDS Commission to conduct programmes on illness prevention and also mental health among young people in Ghana.

Her programmes have increased mental health knowledge among young people in Ghana.

Congratulations to Dr Mavis Asare. We’re proud of you.

This is a great achievement and shows the excellent quality of the lecturers in the Department - Methodist University College, Ghana- Excellence, Morality and Service.


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The President of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) Dr. Harry Agbanu has downplayed concerns over the salary delays at the University of Ghana (Legon).

The University of Ghana has in a memo to staff noted it will be unable to pay the salary of workers in March after it borrowed to pay for January and February.

“Processing and release of the compensation subvention for January and February has been delayed. Therefore, payment for March 2018 salaries cannot be made as scheduled. It is not possible to borrow for a third month to pay salaries,” the memo signed by the Registrar of the University of Ghana, Mercy Haizel-Ashia said.

Speaking to Francis Abban on the Morning Starr Monday, Dr. Agbanu said workers of the university have been assured that salaries will be paid by the end of the week.

“Mostly, our salaries delay for a week or two. Information from the Registrar General indicates that our salaries will hit our accounts by close of week. Because we were informed earlier about the delay, many made arrangements towards it. For about a year now, we are mostly paid on the 24th of every month but things have delayed this time round. Borrowing monies to pay salaries is not sustainable and the government must do something about that,” he said.

He however noted lecturers object to suggestions that they should be put on the government payroll.

“Even though we are public sector workers, we are significantly different. We are public sector workers as University Teachers, paying us through the Controller will not help us in anyway. If we are with Accountant General, government will have to release money to have us paid. We’ve been advocating over the years that whenever there is going to be a delay in our salaries, we should be told earlier. We are happy we were informed earlier”.

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The National Union of Ghana Students (NUGS) will on Wednesday, March 28, 2018, embark on a nationwide demonstration against the controversial Defence Cooperation Agreement between Ghana and the US.

Parliament on Friday ratified the agreement with the US to man some installations in Ghana and also allow unrestricted access to a host of facilities and wide-ranging tax exemptions to the United States Military.

NUGS is against the pact which will earn Ghana $20 million in training and equipment supply.

“The agreement is an errant insult on the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Ghana. The agreement has the tendency of polarising the state and must be resisted by all Ghanaians with all our might in defending and upholding in high esteem the sovereignty of Ghana,” NUGS said in a statement.

The student body wants the Council of State to as a matter of urgency withdraw the agreement for reassessment and renegotiation.
“The Union also by this statement calls on the following institutions to state their position on this important issue and possibly join us in our call to protect our motherland.

“The National House of Chiefs, The Christian Council, The National Peace Council, All Political Parties, TUC and All other CSOs… We challenge the youth and all well-meaning Ghanaians to stand up to the call and defend our country,” the statement added.

NUGS has declared today Monday, March 26, 2018, as a “Red Week Protest” where they are encouraging all students across the country to wear red when attending lectures.

It will also join Wednesday’s demonstration under the aegis of the Ghana First Patriots.

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