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Hi my name is Marcubie and I have been the Creative Director on Medunten Technology. The languages only differ in their grammar, their pronunciation and their most common words. he thought. It wasn't a dream. His room, a proper human room although a little too small, lay peacefully between its four familiar walls pronunciation 


One social enterprise in Ghana stands the chance of winning GHC10,000 cash investment, 6 months business incubation and travel to meet investor in the UK. This unique opportunity is part of the British Council’s commitment to creating opportunities for young people to earn sustainable livelihood, create employment while solving social problems.
On Wednesday 26th October 2016, the British Council launched season 2 of Duapa Challenge targeting social entrepreneurs with innovative social businesses. The investor project is an early stage social innovation support competition providing seed capital, business incubation, social mandate training and exposure to the UK for an already existing and viable social enterprise.

Season 1 of the competition unearth a social innovator Amin Sulley, CEO of ZaaCoal – a social enterprise that produces char coal from coconut husks. ZaaCoal competed with 12 other social entrepreneurs in 2015 emerging as the overall winner taking home the cash investment and travel to the UK. Amin pitched his business to UK investors and met with potential customers for his product in London. ZaaCoal in less than a year has opened a factory in Accra producing environmentally friendly charcoal for the Ghanaian Market.

10 social entrepreneurs will be shortlisted to undergo a training boot camp at the British Council Skills Hub following which they will pitch sections of their business to a panel of judges.

Season 2 of Duapa Challenge will run through November 2016 where the winner will be crowned at a pitch event to investors. Applications are currently open till 7th November 2016. Interested social entrepreneurs should visit the British Council Ghana website: to complete the online application form.

Background about the British Council Ghana social enterprise programme

The British Council is an organization which creates opportunity for the U.K and other countries with a focus on building trust between them worldwide.

As part of our work in Ghana, we focus on providing young people with life changing opportunities by providing them with skills for employability and entrepreneurship, English and Exams. Over the years through our strong partnerships, our impact has been immeasurable. Globally, between 2011 and 2013 alone, we have partnered with over 15,390 government, business and social leaders worldwide in the delivery of our services. We have also reached over 19.8 million people through our events and programs—creating opportunities and connecting them with learning and creative ideas to build a mutually beneficial relationship between them and UK.

Our work in the society extends to our Social enterprise programme with the aim of creating opportunities and improving lives. Under this program we promote social investment to help foster a more sustainable, inclusive and prosperous future. Our programme also draws on UK expertise, striving to share best practice and create opportunities between the UK and Ghana. We provide (social) entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders with:

business consulting and mentoring
access to funding and investment opportunities
study tours
international networking

For more information contact: Edem Abotsigah T +233 3026 10090 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The curvaceous Joselyn Dumas is one personality several young ladies look up to in our Ghanaian society. She’s a definition of an industrious,intellectual,virtuous and highly determined woman.

She was very chubby about some 12 years ago but through her determination,Joselyn had lost weight and she’s arguably one of the very bootilicious and curvaceous celebrities in Africa. *One can empty his entire bank accounts should he dare wana have a feel/touch of her curves and highly endowed*

This is an unedited piece from on how  Joselyn lost weight and has maintained it since then within some few years:

Weight hasn’t been something I’ve struggled with. As far as I can remember I’ve always had a normal body weight since childhood. I started gaining most of my weight in from about 2004, just before giving birth to my daughter. It was so bad I couldn’t really control it. I had a lot of my friends and family sharing their concerns about my weight and even the way I ate. I remember one time I ate so much that my aunty asked me if she had to hide her couch for fear of eating that too lol.

It all seem like a joke that I often laugh off with friends and family but deep down in the comfort and quietude of my thoughts I knew I needed to do something about my weight and fast. I’m talking being over 250 pounds over weight with severe knee and back problem. I just didn’t know how to go about it. You see the weight watchers, calorie counting and Jenny Craigs were just not a way for me to go since at the time it was impossible to be able to afford it.

Tired, I decided to do my own research on affordable ways of shedding the weight. Read a few books on low carb or no carb diets and I decided to look in my kitchen cabinet and use what I have there to make it work for me. I decided to cut back on a lot of things.
You see I didn’t mention that I loved a lot a junk food at the time, lot and lots of it to the extend that the local McDonalds knew my car and my exact order of one big and tasty burger, large fries large coke or large milkshake with mayonnaise dressing and lots of ketchup anytime I got there and I’m talking chowing it down sometimes as late as 11 pm. I needed saving and I needed it fast. I cut back on all the junk and fizzy drinks and replaced it all with water, almonds lots of vegetables, chicken, fish and certain fruits specifically apples and oranges.

Did this for about two months and lost about 40 pounds just by dieting alone. Now remember I said I had no money to afford to pay for any gym membership.
One Saturday afternoon in spring I walked to a gym not far from my house to enquire by faith lol on becoming a part of the family. One of the personal trainers there Mehmet took to me, showed me around and gave me a week free pass which I utilized very well to the extend that Mehmet thought I had signed up for memebership at the gym after my week long trial and working out rigourously with him. In the end I became a member of the gym without paying a penny. Isn’t that cool? wish I could mention the gym but I don’t want to be sued lol.

This my dear friends wasn’t just a phase but it became a part of my lifestyle. You can imagine my excitement losing most of the weight from a size 22/24 to a size 8/10.

I have managed to keep most of the weight off for over 8 years now but still struggle with it till today. It hasn’t been an easy journey but it continues to be worth it…..

Ladies,take this inspiring tips from the only “Red Carpet Slayer,superb actress and presenter” Joselyn.


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Sarkodie's fiancee and mother of his daughter, Tracy is one of those celebs who does not spend much time in the spotlight but when she actually steps out, we can't help but bow to her greatness.

On twitter today, Sarkodie posted this stunning throwback photo of his darling love showing off her amazing legs and melting our hearts with a gorgeous smile.

The couple recently christened their adorable daughter Titi is a star-studded ceremony at Sarkodie's private residence.

Isn't she stunning? And those legs! Send your thoughts to our mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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The KAAF University College (KUC) at Gomoa Fetteh Kakraba in the Gomoa West District of the Central Region, over the weekend held its fifth Congregation ceremony that saw 186 students graduated from various disciplines.




The ceremony was on the theme “Enhancing Graduate Employment Through Quality Tertiary Education; the Role of Private Universities in Ghana."

It was held for students pursuing Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in various discipline including Civil and Geomatic Engineering, Construction Technology, Marketing, Human Resources Management, Banking and Finance, Entrepreneurship and Insurance who graduated with degrees of classes.

Speaking at the ceremony, Rector of KAAF University College, Dr. Frederick Yaw Addo-Abedi said the school has already initiated plans to expand on its programs to enhance quality and diversity in education and also increase enrolments of students into the school.

According to him, KAAF university's primary aim is to turn out confident, well-rounded employable graduates capable of being catalysts for socio-economic development by providing students with academically sound but practically oriented tuition.

He stated that, "as we turn out graduates year after year, we cannot be oblivious of the growing problem of graduate unemployment . We at KAAF University College seek to contribute to reducing this problem by producing industry- ready graduates through practically-oriented tuition."

KAAF University, the Rector assured, would continue to run entrepreneurial programs for all students who enrolled in the school to help provide them with the needed skills for self employment, stating, the University has temerity to reduce graduate unemployment and would, "nonetheless call for national debate on finding ways to reduce graduate unemployment as a way of harnessing the human potential embedded in the graduates for development."

He added that the University, would also continue to strike in its effort in quality teaching and research as it recruit more highly qualified and experienced academics and professional to join the various department.

In additionally, he said law and some business courses are being run at its City campus within the premises of Premier Tower in Accra, with the primary aim of fulfilling its vision, "to fill the vacuum with the provision of quality tertiary education to produce competent and confident graduates.

Dr Addo-Abedi disclosed that, the university would pursue growth in many areas including students enrolment, staffing, research , human resources development and infrastructure development, despite the myriad of challenges bedevilling the institution in terms of infrastructure.

He however,urged the graduands to be determined and persevere in the face of challenges that most University graduates encounter after their exit from universities, adding that they must apply the knowledge acquired during their stay in KAAF University practically to life.

"It is our hope that you will be agents of positive change in your communities . Cultivate a noble character and fiercely guard your integrity which together with your acquired knowledge and skills , hard work and discipline can bring you worthy opportunities, " he charged the graduands..

Dr Esther Oduraa Ofei-Aboagye, Deputy Chairperson of National Development Planning Commission (NDPC), who was Congregation speaker, said the current job market requires extra research, creativity and innovation in addition to the higher educational knowledge, to make a difference and ensure change.

She said it is therefore critical that private universities like KAAF, should be flexible and quick to response to the trends in their market if they are to attract more students, adding that, " flexibility and creativity are those factors that can prepare graduates for the employment market , particularly self-employment."

According to the NDPC Deputy Chairperson, to solve the job situation, private tertiary institutions should be able to influence policy with evidence-base commentaries on national issues, stating, that could be rectified by requiring the teaching staff to research and publish more rigorously and visibility through public events and interventions.

She however commended KAAF University for the range of partnership it has formed with public sector institutions and industries , particularly its philosophy of seeking to change society through it teaching, research and promotion of exchange of ideas , providing quality and cut-edging academic and professional training since its establishment.

Ghana, she noted needed institutions like KAAF University, where the business of creating the human capital to meets the country needs of human resources, due to its willingness to strike out into the unknown with cutting edge, problem solving , action oriented teaching , research and intellectual exchange.

With the proliferation of courses in tertiary education, Dr Ofei-Aboagye said, it was important that KAAF do not lose sight of quality, stating, " quality tertiary education has to meet international standard of excellence , while being responsive to national development
She therefore charged KAAF University to ensure quality of academic services offer to influence the job market so that when an employer hires a product from the University they should be assured of what they are getting.

While congratulating the graduands for proven themselves to merits the awards of degree, the NDPC Deputy urged them to develop positive attitudes towards entrepreneurship and never lose the culture of hard work, perseverance as well as not be afraid to stand for what is right and maintain a services orientation, love for country and market demands.

She noted that KAAF University, has carved a reputation for being innovative in its attempt to make the difference in the private tertiary institution and graduates with discipline and hard work could get jobs or be in position to become self employed with the knowledge and skills acquired.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(KNUST), the Institution to which KAAF is affiliated, Rev. Professor Charles Ansah , said the theme is coming at time when the world was fighting for quality education and employable skills among graduates.

He however expressed confident that, KAAF University with the level of achievement chalked within the few years of establishment, it would meet the quality of education and employable skills for the wellbeing of humanity.

He congratulated the institution for taken such a bold step to train professional engineers and Business administrators for the job market and assured that, KNUST would continue to offer its academic and advisory support to make the institution a world class private one among its peers in the country.

In attendants were former President, Jerry John Rawlings, Professor Kwamena Ahwoi, Chairman of the Governing Council of KAAF University, Mr Michael Aidoo, Funder of KAAF University, Dr Dennis Mike Obeng, Strategic Advisor to KAAF, and other members of the Governing Council

Awards were also presented to graduands who excelled in their chosen fields of study. Frank Asamoah Awuah, a Civil Engineering was adjudged the overall best student.

The university was founded by Mr Michael Aidoo, an Engineer and started on a small scale between 2007/2008 with 14 students when it was given institutional accreditation. In 2010, after receiving its programmes accreditation, it soared.
Over the past five years, the university has grown in leaps and bounds and today it has over 600 students and hopes to increase its intake to 1000 students.

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Kwabena Boateng popularly known as KB established his record label in 2015 called KB Empire Records. The record label over the past year has offered tremendous opportunities to artistes such as Iyk Wonder, Afiba amongst others.  The record label which seeks not to just unearth talents seeks to groom them to become competitive in our industry which boasts of many unique talents.  

“My label is aimed at selling African music beyond its shores and also give equal opportunity to the young artistes who have been relegated to the background,” he said.

To keep to the mission, KB Empire signed on Ghana based Nigerian artiste, Iyk Wonder, who has started giving his ardent fans something to cheer about.  

 Iyk Wonder is not giving music lovers a breathing space as he keeps giving them surprises in recent times by dropping hits after hits. 


The artiste who premiered his  'Mr Dj' music video recently feauring MTN Hit maker Torgbe has started making waves already. He is an artsite with a great style and seen by many already in the music terrain as a force to reckon with. Campusbasetv managed to get KB Empire Signee that everyone keeps talking about IYK Wonder in an exclusive interview to get upclose and personal with him. 

Catch this exclusive interview this saturday at 4p.m on Viasat1 and don't miss out. 


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